superar la adicción

If you have tried hard time to overcome your cannabis addiction and you haven’t succeed in doing it, the chances are that there are psychological and emotional difficulties linked to your addictive behavior. People usually have blind spots. These are those aspects of ourselves that we do not see clearly. That is why they are called blind spots. And because sometimes we are unable to see ourselves properly, we have difficulties in helping ourselves to overcome our problems.

Psychotherapy leads you to see what you are not seeing about yourself and your circumstances, the reasons why you are not solving your addiction. It gives you resources. It leads you to solve your psychological and emotional difficulties. So that you feel at peace and in coherence with yourself. To enjoy your relationships with other people. To face successfully the difficulties related to studies and work.

Psychotherapy is often the key to overcoming cannabis addiction.

Our psychotherapeutic approach is holistic, we work with the cognitive, gestalt psychotherapeutic approach, brain and emotional integration techniques, along with other associated psychotherapy techniques. And we are specialized in cannabis addiction treatment.
Each person is different and therefore we create an integrated methodology specific to each client. No treatment is the same as another. You are unique and our way of working with you is unique as well.

If you are interested in overcoming your cannabis addiction you can request a free online first session to understand how we can help you solve your problem.

We can help you.